It's Your Turn 

Step onto the stage and deliver the message only you can to the people who need it the most, connect with them on the deepest level possible, and make friends with your power in the process. This is my promise to you.



Walk Your Talk

Hi. I'm Clementina, CEO of The Clementina Collective, and Walk Your Talk is my signature speech course designed to help you create your best TED-Ready Talk or Signature Speech. 


 No more excuses. No more waiting. 

The time to speak confidently as a strategy to grow your business, advance your mission, or create a movement is now. Become the public speaker you want to be and it will be that much easier for you to...

  • Create and grow a platform for your business, your writing, or both. 
  • Increase your following, your publishing options, and your sales. 
  • Stand in your truth as a changemaker, expert, force for the fantastic, or go-to person for your unique expression and point of view.
  • Catapult your ideas into action. 
  • Turn your creative energy into long-lasting, positive change.
  • Tell stories that build strong, aligned relationships with clients and collaborators.
  • Be a lighthouse for others who need to speak freely too.


    “Walking your talk is about so much more than speech writing or performance. It’s about closing the gap between who you are and where you want to be, artfully and with integrity.”
    — Clementina

    Part 1. On-line Class Starts in May. What you can expect:

    • You'll get the information, support, frameworks, and professional feedback you need to create a strong bio, talk teaser, and finished 12-20 minute script you’re confident about sharing, like a boss.

    • You'll learn a unique way of figuring out which of your stories fit your audience’s needs and your area of expertise. You'll also learn how to tell them in support of your big idea and your audience’s big goals.

    • You'll put it all together in a way that’s compelling and catalyzing.

    • Clementina will be holistically editing and mentoring you on all of your written materials in text via e-mails (one on one).

    • You'll also learn from your peers in a safe, constructive, creative environment that's fiercely protected from all threats to your creativity.

      Part 2:

    • You'll Walk Your Talk: the course culminates in a live event at the AZ Biltmore where you’ll deliver your Ted-Ready or Signature in front of a live audience and The Collective teachers you've learned so much from. You can meet them over on the ABOUT page. We're all here to help you relax into the varied shades of you, teach you all we know about speech writing and high performance, and cheer you on as you prepare and deliver the talk of your life.

    • You'll take the stage in a celebratory mood that’s contagious to the audience.

    • EmVision, a boutique Video  Media Company will be present and make the most efficient use of your time in and around the Biltmore. They'll be filming you over the three days. What you'll get: The raw footage from your talk (unedited). You own the copyright. Professional photographs. Expert Speaker Interview footage (unedited). And, drumroll please, a beautifully edited 2 1/2 minute sizzle reel for applications and social proofs. 


    Everything (and I don’t use this word lightly) You Need to Begin Your Journey as a Speaker or Continue Your Journey as a Speaker with a Signature. Join me and some of the Collective for this high touch three day event where you’ll Walk Your Talk.


    Our Live Venue: a Mediterranean Retreat!


     In Arizona, mornings and evenings are cool and midday is hot enough to lounge by one of the many gorgeous pools. 


     We'll break at lunch and reconvene for evening performances. Lounge, get to know one another, visit the spa, and live in the luxury you want to create. 



    Before the retreat:

    • I'll send you a short, once weekly, prep video.

    • We’ll meet for 12 one-hour sessions in a Zoom classroom.

    • I'll holistically edit and guide you on all assignments.

    • We’ll prepare your bio, your talk teaser, and the whole 12 -20 minute script.

    • Guest pros like Tamsen Webster will join me on select sections via Zoom to add even more irresistibility and value to your big idea.

    The Retreat:

    • We’ll meet at the AZ Biltmore. Finished with our scripts, we'll continue learning with movement and performance-based classes to help you feel good in your body. We'll also celebrate and form strong bonds based on an amazing shared experience. You'll Walk Your Talk while my incredibly talented, super-kind, friends at EmVision capture the sight and sound of you in all your glory on video. Afterward, you can contract with them to create social proofs through video storytelling.


    • We've secured a special rate of $129 a night at the AZ Biltmore. When we’ve finalized the dates (event will be November 2019) and you call to make reservations, tell them your with The Clementina Collective and they will honor you with that rate.

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    Step into your highest self before you even step on stage

    • Ready: There can be no question about your readiness when you take the stage. I designed Walk Your Talk with your feelings, and your successes, in mind from end to end. Each element is there to bring you closer to ready with clarity, speed, and integrity. For example, producing a powerful bio and talk teaser with ease isn't just about having the pieces you'll need finished. When the conference organizer asks for them, you'll be able to attach and send (no problem!) without a harrowing stop at Imposter Syndrome. You'll perform like a pro, even if you're new to the speaking world. 
    • Set: Create a seamless talk. Although I work on scripts, I never want you to feel or sound scripted. We do the work of writing because it’s concentrated thinking. Once we get that sorted out, using proven frameworks and strategies, we'll share our innovative techniques for accessing the empathy, information, stories, and support that will connect you to your audience and bolster your big idea. Think of your connection as a teaching conversation rather than a scripted performance of rote content created in a vacuum. Think about the people who need you. Think about the endless ways your message, and your methods, will move them, and their audiences, forward and you'll be setting the stage for success in the process. 
    • Go: Practice and refine the talk. The content, teaching points, feeling and actions you offer your audience become genuine and generous only when you discover the many faces of WHY YOU? and learn different modalities to express the truth of who you are and why you do what you do. Here at The Clementina Collective, we believe you are the only person who can give the talk you're delivering. At various points in the curriculum, and at the live event, we'll ease you into that confidence too. 
    • Walk Your Talk: Except for Salon Night (where I'll be inviting peers to take the stage with me for a series of thought-provoking conversations) we'll be running the evening performances like TEDxevents. No interruption to coach you. No repeat performances. You already have all you need inside you. My team and I are experts at bringing it out. What's more, I designed the Walk Your Talk curriculum with your success top of mind at all times. By the time you take the stage, it's my intention that it feels like a celebration for you, for the audience, and for the team and me too because we're so rooting for you. 
    “‘I am not ready’ is not a permanent condition. It is a solvable problem.”
    — Clementina